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Monday, September 18, 2017

choices,all life really is nothing
but a series of choices
we've all made good ones
we've all made bad ones
but we've all made choices
that weren't choices at all

sometimes despite many choices
there are none that we can accept
whether it's for ethical
religious or logical concerns
there is no acceptable choice
and there is the rub

I chose not to choose
and I accept the results
of my failure to choose
I accept the consequences
rather then sacrifice my beliefs......

Saturday, September 16, 2017

life is what life is
we can try our best to understand
we can try our best to control
we can try our best to shape it to our advantange
but for all our attempts at control
life is what life is

regardless of what we want out of life
life is what life is

despite our grand plans for our life
life is what life is

truth be told
life doesn't give us what life will
life gives us what we deserve
if our life doesn't work out the way we intended
don't blame life

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Timing can be
a cruel master
but not just timing
you can be
in the right place
at the right time but
there can always be
other factors

there was a girl
a good friend
despite that some
would have thought
we would or were
an odd couple
and perhaps
we were probably were
but the sparks

the sparks
maybe the first time
I felt that way
but we were young
and because of
religious differences
both sets
of parents
would never approve

we understood
we hated it
but we understood
despite the attraction
we both walked away
despite the pain
I convinced myself
it was not for the best
but the only logical choice

I'd sometimes tell myself
it was the only choice
told myself that for
50 plus years but now
I still wonder was it
but that's the one thing about time
we can't go back
we can't change what could have been
and all of our  decisions   ....

for bad or worse
or even neutral
have lead me
to where I am
if I'd could go back
if i could make the other choice
but I can't
and frankly I won't

Saturday, May 13, 2017

the past invades
my thoughts today
if true be told
as i grow older
that invasion
become....well more
common place

at times the
past becomes more
prevalent in my
mind then the
events of the

at times it causes a problem
but some times i
forget what i did
15 minutes ago
but remember events
from up to
60 years ago

But then i realize
those lessons learned
those many years ago
the victories
the failures
have made me
who I am today

Sunday, April 30, 2017

it's getting late
both literally
and figuratively
it's near midnight
both in normal
Eastern Daylight Time
and my chronological age

neither time
can i do
much about
real time will
go on
and on
and on

my time
my life here on earth
my doctor thinks
i can make changes
change my diet
but at best
he's guessing

my time here
is limitated  and unfortunately
not under anyone's control
not even mine
best that is left
is to do every day
what is right, is true


Thursday, April 13, 2017

took a short walk
no place i needed to go
no pressing issues
nothing to buy
just a walk

warm spring day
grass turning green
much preferred
from its winter brown

trees budding
song birds singing
Seagulls flying
singing their "song"
and dumpster diving

a fat woodchuck
leaving his morning
grass meal
at the sight of me

but in retrospect
although i didn't
know it at the time
there was a reason for my walk
pure whimsy, pure joy......

Monday, March 20, 2017

life is life
and life is
would i change
some of those
i made

here's the point
we live with those
both good
and plain

but whether
right or wrong
but that's
the point