A brief explanation of why I chose the above picture...given a choice I've always chose the road less taken, if truth be told to be accurate the picture should be me with a backpack and a machete hacking my own path through the woods we call life

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Music how oft' to you I have run
you have been many times my safe place my solace
I embrace you I cover myself within your warm embrace
Regardless of what  the world....life
may throw my way in your arms
how often have I found refuge
and also the answers I seek
To you have I so oft' run
and you always seem to know what I seek
whether classical, liturgical, or even rock and roll
and if I don't find the answers I seek
I always return relaxed, and with a new perspective
and can return to my world, my life, renewed

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The time is late
the darkness
like a shroud
covers the last light
of the day

my body yearns
for rest
for repose
for sleep
and rest

but the mind rarely agrees
if not the cares of the day
my imagination
often refuses to rest
until it's travels are complete

or the unresistable
power of sleep
finally wins
and the imagination
lays dominant....for a while

Monday, February 12, 2018

He says
"We need a Wall"
I say
"We have too many walls
  Racial walls
  Class walls
  social walls
  too many walls"
I say
  "we need more "bridges"
  and a sledge hammer"

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Many would have said
that I was a difficult child
and with age
I've only got worse
their assessment
and I must admit
mine as well

Even as a kid
I needed to know....WHY!?!
I didn't even then
accept something as
right, ethical or true
until I could through
study, experience, or observation, agreed

Obviously I spent many
hours in the:
the principles office
but also in thought
study and reflection

From those who had been
placed in authority
I accepted what came
learning from it
but never from those
who just thought that
they had authority over me

Obviously I was a
difficult child
and haven't changed much
after over 70 years on earth
well at least in some peoples "learned opinions"
and you know they're right
but that's their problem never...mine