Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Winter surrounds me
The wind
The snow
The cold
Chill the soul
More then the body

I’m like a bear

Like a frozen pizza
Longing for the oven

Spring seems to be an eternity away

I reach for it
It seems so close
I stretch but
I cannot reach

It fades away
And then reappears
Each time just
Out of reach

But soon
When I least expect
It will sneak up
It will touch me

And like the phoenix
I will rise
But not from ashes
But from ice

For a brief moment
All is well


The leaves of fall lay on the ground
As I rake, I’m reminded of my past
Like pages of a tattered book
They lie around me as the leaves

Some brightly colored
Some dingy and old
Some forgotten
Some remembered

Some remembered
That would be best forgotten

I rake them in piles
No order
The good with the bad
All in a pile

I bag them
For the trash
But in my haste
A few escape

But whether
To trouble
Or to cheer
Ah there’s the question

Job’s done
For another year

there once was a girl from down under
who made an incredible blunder
she put on her thong
but did it all wrong
and tore the poor thing asunder

there once was a girl from Madrid
who went out to purchase a lid
but when she was high
she hooked up with a guy
nine months later she now has a kid

i found these two bits of wit, written on a plank under the bridge this morning. of course as usual i may only be half right

But let's return to the girl from down under
Who made that incredible blunder?
Her rear now exposed
She sexily posed
And the applause it echoed like thunder

the troll's got himself a tag-board
and i'm not expecting a horde
give me a tag
don't make me nag
or throw your butt into a fjord.

there once was a man from spain
who ran naked around in the rain
because of that biz
he has rhumatiz
and is forced to walk with a cane

old man bought a young girl from Nice
who insisted he sign a release
if when you're on top
your old heart does stop
i'll need it to show the police

there once was a girl named olivia
who hailed from down in bolivia
all though she was dumb
when i asked her from some
a taste she would never gave-me-a

there one was a girl from brazil
who worn no pants as she ran up a hill
she went head over ass
and fell on the grass
and gave all the old town boys a thrill


it's 55 years to the day
that trollie came out to play
he may be old
but he ain't cold
so you best stay out of his way


there once was a man name of roger
who liked the old brooklin dodger
he had an old hat
an old wooden bat
an old coot he was a,real codger

now this guy we know name of roger
took on a young female lodger
she burn his old hat
and swung his old bat
he was slow and just couldn't dodge her

There once was a girl named Irene
Had a career on the old silver screen
But just a quick fact
The girl couldn’t act
And quickly became a has-bean

It’s December 30
Year end

Should I look back

Relive again what cannot change

Learn from the past they say
But do they
Or do they just say
That to me

The past is

Tomorrow is still
A blank page

I’d rather paint a new
Then scrape paint from the old

New brush
New paint

But a new picture

there once was a girl named Grace
she dressed most often in lace
when she came my way
i had nothing to say
but threw a pie in her face

trollie came in because he was old
tis the way the story was told
with ice on his chin
he managed a grin
but boy he sure did look cold


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