Sunday, June 18, 2017

Timing can be
a cruel master
but not just timing
you can be
in the right place
at the right time but
there can always be
other factors

there was a girl
a good friend
despite that some
would have thought
we would or were
an odd couple
and perhaps
we were probably were
but the sparks

the sparks
maybe the first time
I felt that way
but we were young
and because of
religious differences
both sets
of parents
would never approve

we understood
we hated it
but we understood
despite the attraction
we both walked away
despite the pain
I convinced myself
it was not for the best
but the only logical choice

I'd sometimes tell myself
it was the only choice
told myself that for
50 plus years but now
I still wonder was it
but that's the one thing about time
we can't go back
we can't change what could have been
and all of our  decisions   ....

for bad or worse
or even neutral
have lead me
to where I am
if I'd could go back
if i could make the other choice
but I can't
and frankly I won't

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