A brief explanation of why I chose the above picture...given a choice I've always chose the road less taken, if truth be told to be accurate the picture should be me with a backpack and a machete hacking my own path through the woods we call life

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

'Twas the day after Christmas
and all through my room
came house keeping quickly
she came with her broom

She cleaned my room
with the greatest of  ease
and with great  results
as quick as you please

I write this to prove
I can rhyme if I choose
and I can do it
without any booze

I know it's my style
almost never to rhyme
I can do it but
I don't take the time

when I write my lines
I let my mind run crazy
and I really don't care
cause to rhyme I'm too lazy

but this experiment
really must stop
cause I know this poem
ends up a huge flop

to rhyme is a chore
which I have done before
 but for me it's a  bore
so I'll do it no more


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